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23 February 2012

It took a while to get to this point but finally we are happy to launch the new Tangent Labs website and blog to the world.

Tangent Labs are technical brains behind client-facing Tangent Snowball digital agency. We are working on many exciting projects all of which have certain scopes, requirements and obviously deadlines. The workload we are dealing with on day-to-day basis tends to push our internal projects away a bit more than we'd like. This is why it took us a little while before launching a brand new, redesigned website of Tangent Labs - but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day!

I am hoping this won't be "just a website" which will statically serve as a primary mean of looking up our office address or telephone numbers. The aim of the new Tangent Labs website is to become a platform for our bright and talented in-house developers to provide interesting content regarding technologies we are using and occasionally news on the current happenings here in Tangent Labs. We are also planning to extend a number of ways to engage potential candidates willing to work for us via Join us section. We have few ideas up in the sleeve, so watch this space.

On the technical side of things, the new Tangent Labs website has been built using Django framework. We are known to have rather extensive list of technologies that we use to work on our projects, including PHP which was our primary language of choice for many years, but also C#, .NET, Flex or Java. However, we have recently adopted Python as a language and Django as web framework which both have raided hearts of many developers here in Labs. Internal Django project like our website is great "learn by practice" opportunity for many in-house devs with former PHP or .NET experience willing to take first steps with Python and Django.

Finally, we are planning to release complete source code of the very this website on our GitHub account very soon - subject to some general clean-up of the codebase which is still in work-in-progress mode. Nonetheless, once it's out, we will be considering pull requests too!


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